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  • "Mark always seemed to be one step ahead of our opposition. When the case eventually went in front of a judge, Mark’s preparation proved invaluable. His countless hours spent digging into County files revealed key reports and letters that the County’s lawyers failed to produce during discovery, and which later proved to be a key factor with the judge’s ruling. Along with his technical background in hydrology and geology, he was able to refute key points the opposition tried to make. Back in court, in front of a jury, to determine the awards, Mark changed gears, rather than boring the jury with technical aspects, he focused on the human elements, his exhibits were large and easy to decipher, his presentation was impeccable. Compassionate and demonstrative, he kept his arguments in language that was understandable to the common man ... the jury awarded us restitution."

    Callum MacSween

  • "The case was unusual, and a longshot at best. Mr. Papay’s tenacity and generous use of time was the glue which held us, the plaintiffs, and the consultants together through the arduous and lengthy process. But most notable was Mr. Papay’s analytical and creative thinking which overcame impasse after impasse until the exciting conclusion, a massive judgment in our favor. I recommend that Mr. Papay be consulted by anyone involved in a civil matter and I trust his judgment."

    Gary P. Salmen

  • "In January 2005, our neighborhood faced a crisis that threatened all of our homes. After a tremendous rainfall, the Ventura River was tearing away our bluff which overlooked the river. Homeowners were losing real property .... we turned to the law firm of Mark Papay for help. Five years later a jury of our peers saw things our way and awarded 4.4 million dollars in damages. Mark’s team was phenomenal in trumping every defense ... Throughout this process Mark and his team stayed the course ... constructing and presenting a compelling case to the jury. If a similar situation should arise in the future I would not hesitate in calling upon Mark’s services. I am certain that my neighbors would feel the same way."

    Randy Catley