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  • Zoning Violations

  • Zoning involves very specific rules by a government for the development and use of land. If a person, corporation or government is found to be non­conforming with zoning ordinance requirements, a local zoning agency or a court can compel the violator to comply with zoning requirements. An attorney can represent an individual before a local zoning agency or a court, in order to compel compliance with zoning requirements, or defend an individual who is being wronged by an improper imposition of zoning restrictions.

    DAMAGE ROOTED IN ZONING VIOLATIONS: In addition, zoning violations can be the cause of a nuisance, and which can then become the basis for a nuisance "per se" cause of action. Such a cause of action can include a measure of actual damages, in addition to a court injunction. The advantage to the person bringing suit in nuisance per se, is that the action is in "strict liability" under which liability is established without proof of fault.