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  • UltraHazardous Activities

  • An ultrahazardous activity is established, as the name implies, by an ultrahazardous activity such as blasting in a residential area. The installation/maintenance of high power utility lines, which causes damages to the land of another or personal injuries, is another recognized ultrahazardous activity. This is another cause of action that is in strict liability, or liability without legal proof of fault. In other words, if a person sets off explosions and damage or injuries occur, the person or entity who caused the explosions is liable ­ without proof of negligence elements including duty, breach, causation and damages. Only causation and damages must be proven.

    Furthermore, while the "standard of care" in most cause of actions requires that the person, corporation or government act with "reasonable care" to avoid liability, anyone engaging in ultrahazardous activities is held the high standard of acting with "extreme caution".