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  • Mark Alan Papay, ESQ.

    Real Estate Damage Attorney

  • Unique Qualifications Result In Effective Technical Analysis

    As a licensed and experienced Landscape Architect, Mark Papay possesses many of the skills used in the practice of Civil Engineering. Thereby, Mr. Papay can understand and communicate with an Engineer to yield effective and truthful engineering analysis, and see through the fog of often inaccurate opposing expert engineers.

    As an experienced hydrological designer, Mr. Papay understands the flow of water and how it is properly or improperly directed and disposed of, or results in damage because of improper hydrological design. Mr. Papay can thus coordinate with a hydrologist when a problem with water flow arises, above or even below ground. Mr. Papay can thus effectively rebut the defective analysis of opposing scientists and engineers.

    The science of geology often assumes a role in land damage cases. Mr. Papay's education and experience has yielded an effective understanding of this science, and equips him when dealing with such experts ­on both sides.

    As one who has great experience in the area of site planning and land design, including grading, Mark Papay understands how a site is properly engineered. Consequently, problems which arise from improper site design, including roads, retaining walls, foundation designs, drainage and irrigation systems ­become readily apparent to him.

    Mr. Papay's decades of experience includes a great deal of experience with soils, including their unique qualities and weaknesses. All sites include soil, and the unique aspects of a site's soil and the methods used during construction is often the basis for the failure of a site.

    A Landscape Architect's education and experience yields knowledge of trees and their culture. Thereby, Mr. Papay can simultaneously know the properly applicable laws and technical analysis in a situation with failing or dead trees. Mr. Papay can technically walk arm in arm with an arborist when tackling an issue involving trees.

    EXPERT WITNESSES: Because of his background and extensive experience, Mr. Papay is capable of identifying the appropriate expert witnesses, and effectively working with them. Often a case is determined by the analysis and testimony of expert witnesses. Importantly, Mr. Papay is able to flush out the weaknesses in arguments by opposing expert witnesses. Again, this practice is comparable to a Medical Doctor practicing in the area of Medical Malpractice Law.